Bus Depot 2026

Bus Depot 2026
By: simplyzak09

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Bus Depot Reimagined in Black ops 3,

This is more then just a remaster, this takes that small map from tranzit and makes it into a fun little zombies map with it’s own little easter egg and much more.

Easter Egg can be done solo but recommend 2-4 to make one step easier

The Map continues the custom story that plays out from my last map ‘DAS HAUS’ (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123227510)

Survive endless rounds of the undead as you return back to Greenrun USA in the year 2026, Where a American department of group 935 have been working on experments that break the laws of Space. Be careful who you trust as you fight waves on waves of zombies and hellhounds. What secrets will be uncovered in this small bus stop in Greenrun.

The Map has the following features

13 Perks
Custom Box weapons
Custom Wall Buys
A easter egg Quest
Boss Fight
A little something for NGT
Buyable ending
EE Song
IW Bank System
background Law
and more..

Hope you enjoy the map and happy Suriviving.



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