Dracula’s Castle

Dracula's Castle
By: Rhys1201

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This map was created in one month for the 2020 Discord Starting Room Contest.
Vote for it here: https://contest.cod.tools/discord/login

Version 1.0

Welcome to Dracula’s castle where an ancient evil resides. The Nazis discovered a undead horde lying dormant for centuries in the undead crypt deep below the castle and as a result the castle is now overrun with an army of Nazi undead. The undead King Dracula is not present however and his throne is empty for the taking. Will you become the king of the undead or will you fall like many others before you!

– Hellhounds
– 7 perks
– Mystery Box
– Buyable Ending
– Custom round sounds
– Wunderfizz

Killer Potato – WW2 Grenades
Skye – WW2 Weapon ports
Harrybo21 – Wunderfizz, Der Eisendrache voices
Ugx – Buyable Ending
a231 – Modme Scripting Tutorial
Madgaz – Tutorials and models
Program 115 – Tutorials
Treyarch – Mod Tools and Game

If i did not mention you in the credits and you feel that you should be included. Feel free to message me and i will add you if appropriate.

Developer Notes:
This is a map i created for the 2020 starting room contest and completed it within one month. Atmosphere and complex geometry was the focus point when creating this map as well as creating an interesting layout and theme that players could engage with.



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