Nazi Zombie Rainbow 4

Nazi Zombie Rainbow 4
By: flukey.lukey

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Hey Ladies and Gents,
Back in 2013 I uploaded a beta map by the same name that some of you guys thought was pretty neat. Over time I worked on the map on and off till one fateful day that my PC I was using for mapping died….
Since than I have since retried all the files but I really don’t have the time anywhere in the imitate future to get the kinks out of this thing 100% (I’m doing my HSC at the moment and it isn’t leaving me alot of extra time  :-[ )

Anyway this is the most recent working version of the map I was able to dig up in my files and I decided I would upload it for people to enjoy  :)

Special Note: I’d really like to thank SlashSgt for the textures on the map. I don’y know if he is still active and I haven’t spoken to him for about 2 years but I’d just like to say I really appreciated his help  :D

Features List:

* Black Ops Weps (Gotta credit UGX, sorry guys. plz dont kill me)
*The UGX game-modes (sorry again)
* Build-ables (thanks The Zombie Don and ConvictioNDR)
* Pack a Punch 
* Kino style telporters
* Easter eggs / secret area’s
* One custom weapon that I did most of the work for (its godly)
*Buildable wonder-weps, such as the Katana (thanks tom_bmx)
* Buy-able ending! (thanks The Zombie Don)
*Hidden Bank (see if you can find it :D )

Kinda Glitchy Stuff:

*The Black ops perks have been disabled but before I could remove all the models my pc died so it is yet to be fixed…
*Some of the lighting is more dark that I would have liked (Once again I was unable to fix it before my PC shat itself) 
*Some of the textures aren’t as pretty as I would have liked.. (same reason as above)
*The music box feature has been removed but the model is still there (same as Perk models)

Other than the above stuff the map runs 100% fine and hopefully should be enjoyable for you guys to play :)



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