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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

this map was created using ideas and input from TheRelaxingEnd and myself, and an indirect sequel to saloon

NOTE: one of the perks is tombstone, which will not appear in solo, so please don’t complain about a missing perk

this is a standalone version of nightclub. it is also avaliable in the Reaper Mod Pack along with some of my other maps here –,12233.0.html
it will have the same features as the mod pack version, just without the extra maps

there are many easter eggs to this map, heres a playlist on how a few are done

gobblegum system from bo3 with custom gums
bo3 style sliding
option to remove perks you dont want (re-approach the machine and use it)
multiple gamemodes and extra settings
bo3 re-pack-a-punching abilities 
weapons from various cods (cod4-bo3)
custom wounder weapon
3 hit down without jugg 
xp system (currently has no real use)
a ton of hidden easter eggs, some only i know…
a staggering TWENTY-SEVEN PERKS (breaking the previous record of 23, which was also mine xD)
easter egg ending with a special boss for the theme
custom players (russman, misty, sarah michelle gellar (COTD) and richtofen)
some wide areas (a common complaint on fortress, much easier to train now)
multiple hidden mini bosses
lots, lots more, happy hunting!


this is a list of custom perks within the mod

BANANA COLADA – sliding causes you to leave a trail of slime making zombies trip and take damage on
BLADE-O-RADE – replaces your knife with a bowie knife and deals 30x normal melee damage
BLOOD BULLETS – slowly regenerate ammo for your current weapon, clip size determins how fast and how much (wont work in infinite damage weapons)
CANDOLIER – able to carry 2 clips worth of extra ammo in all guns
CASHBACK COCKTAIL – after every purchase you get 20% of the money back
DOWNERS DELIGHT – able to use primary weapon when in last stand with full ammo and a longer bleedout time
GUARDIAN ANGEL ALE – when hit you get a temporary godmode lasting a few seconds, then it will need to cooldown
INCINER-BRANDY – 40% chance to set a zombie on fire when shot, causing extra damage for up to 6-8 seconds
MAGNET MARGARITA – normal powerups will move towards the nearest player with this perk, stoping before reaching them to give them the option to take it or not
NITROGEN COOLED – zombies close to the player will slow down to a wlaking pace, and will speed up again when too far away
NO BEAR BREW – no teddy bear from box and box randomizes faster
NUKE-A-COLA – when down you will set off a nuke powerup
PACK-A-BOX – 20% chance of getting a paped weapon from the mystery box
POINT CRUSHER – earn up to 100 extra points rounded to the nearest 10 on a kill and 10% chance of 20 points on a hit
REPAIRMAN RUM – barriers are repaired twice as fast
RELAXING TEA – able to go to and from round 100 by holding aim + use, zombies will have the health of round 100 zombies, zombies spawned at round 100 will die when returning



thank you to these awesome people who helped make this happen (in no particular order)
if i forgot you im sorry, let me know and i’ll add you (likely since im forgetful :p)

madgaz gaming
Harry Bo21
various people across ugx



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