Project Viking

Project Viking
Version 1.1 By: Redspace200

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Project Viking V1.1 Update.

I have decided to update my map which was released roughly 2 years ago, Project Viking! This update will feature some bug fixes, and modifications to the map overall.
One of the main additions to this map is a full easter egg for classic mode. Many people have been constantly requesting that I add a easter egg which can be completed to earn victory on classic mode.
Previously, the only way to “beat” the map was to play a specific gamemode and detonate a moab without going down. Now, players can earn victory by completing a series of steps in the map. I won’t reveal
all these steps instantly, however I will say that most of the sidequests (such as filling up chests, collecting afterlife skulls, riding crane, boy of silence), are now all apart of the main easter egg.

Since I wanted to add some final features into my map, that ment I had to sacrafice some of the older features not much people liked or used.

Aside from the easter egg, a series of other things have been updated.  Heres a small list of some of the changes:

Removed beta message :)
Removed ability to hold out bowie knife
Removed deadshot
Fixed beta G_SPAWN error. (Implemented debug system to track ents)
Fixed logic for vulture and widows drops (only player who has perk can see and colled drops)
Fixed series of bugs which occured in beta version
Added gravity spikes/Ragnarok dg4, obtained in a step of ee.
Allowed players to release themself from panzer after fully retracted
Allowed panzer to sprint and use flamethrower
Added ability for zombie king to control a panzer soldat during the zombie king gamemode
Allowed players to stay in the lower floor for longer in zombie king. Players can also stay on lower floor while capturing a generator or while zombie king is controlling a panzer.
Added Widows Wine
Added Surge Gin (Custom Perk)
Added Minigun Maham gametype
Added EE Secret
Added EE Victory minigame
Rescripted Bos Room Logic (To prevent bos not respawning issue)
Added bos light indicator near entrance when free perk is not ready

At this point, the map has pretty much reached the limit for everything. I do not intend on making any more changes after this, as I have already put enough time into this engine. I am pretty happy with the
final product, even if its not perfect. A full EE is something I always wanted to add into the map, so I look forward to seeing if anyone is able to complete it! Aside from the EE, I have finally finished some changes
that I had planned earlier but scrapped.

Hope everyone enjoys the map!
I will post the ee steps if people are unable to figure it out, but are interested in making an attempt. It’s not easy, it took me and theRelaxingEnd over 25 attempts to complete it! I’d like to see people make some attempts first before I give it all away though.

Warning: Not Completely Copyright safe – This map uses some copyrighted music. I suggest turning the music volume down in settings if you plan to upload video gameplay of this map online

Project Viking is a zombies map which is a attempt to do something out of the usual. Gameplay is very different then the average zombie map, introducing many new ways to play the game. You’ll also be seeing a mix of multiple features combined from the past cod games, all in one map. The playable space isnt to large, but should be enough for you to barley survive¬†:).
Take Advantage of the maps features to aid you in your survival, or if you would prefer to play without using these new features, just throw on the No Objective Challenge! There are many different gametypes for you to try, some to play with friends and some to play solo.

A few features of what this map has to offer:
Some BO2 Bosses, and new bosses which have not appeared in zombies before!
BO2 style buildables
BO2 style stingers
BO2 gametypes
BO1+2 Wonder Weapons
Custom Wonder Weapon
Perks from BO1+2
Custom Character effects such as falling from a high height, catching fire, injecting
Difficulty Setting
Challenge addons which all have winnable endings
Inspired “No Objective” mode which disables most side-quest features as well as killstreaks + adds winnable ending
BO2 like generator system
BO1 Style Diving System
Multiple Revive methods, Quick Revive, Whoswho and Afterlife!
+ Many More

Credits: (Also displayed at start of map, before game starts)
GudMan Yokel – Beta Testing, Support
offthewall – Model/ViewModel/Weapon/Script help & support
ChazBrooksy – Lots of Beta Testing
Ray – Early Beta Testing, Scripting Support
YaPh1l – Scripting Support
Awesome Pie Man – Support
Treminaor – added code to HUD files, Video Tutorials, Scripting Support, Overall Support
SajeOne – Video Tutorials
Tom_Bmx – Tools, Models/Animations
echo000 – Weapon Assets/Animations, Early Support
PorkRoyalz – Weapon Assets/Animations
Nikolai Belinski – Weapon Assets/Animations
xXxCowmanxXx09 – Weapon Assets/Animations
jZob123 – Weapon Assets/Animations
n123q45 – Early Testing, Support
DuaLVII – Support
MrTombone8 – Support
ClaytonM456 – Weapon Assets/Animations
GunOfTruth – Early Testing
Steviewonder87 – Weapon Assets/Animations
Mikeeeyy – Early Inspiration, some ideas/concepts
Jellal – Early Testing, Scripting Support
Tito – Weapon Assets
Chromastone10 – Menu file help, Update Patch Testing

Thanks for everyones continued support – Redspace200.



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